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Marijuana + Las Vegas = Growing Future


Recreational marijuana delivery to your door is becoming a thing in a few states. Earlier this year, Nevada regulators voted to make permanent the temporary regulations that allow cannabis courier service to residences of up to one ounce of weed from licensed marijuana dispensaries. In Las Vegas, home cannabis delivery is big news for dispensaries and residents alike.


Visitors to Las Vegas should remember that cannabis deliveries to hotel-casinos remain illegal. Per the Cannabist, the casinos are still working out how to navigate recreational marijuana use in their hotels. Their primary concern is that marijuana is still illegal under federal law, which can be tricky for gambling institutions that rely on licensing to operate. Guests, it seems, will have to get their weed at the cannabis dispensary now—and smoke it outside on the strip (while enjoying the pretty lights, naturally).


Nevada marijuana delivery is one of the many details the state is still developing. However, they are not alone. California is working on the details as well and Colorado and Massachusetts still have not made cannabis courier service for recreational marijuana legal.


Recreational marijuana was legalized in July of 2017. The Nevada Department of Taxation oversees the cannabis industry in the state. For the first 18 months, Nevada’s legalization law, The Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act states that only medical marijuana retailers could apply for licenses as part of the “Early start program.” As of May 2018, per the State of Nevada Department of Taxation, that meant only 61 retailers were eligible to deliver recreational marijuana to homes.


Oasis Cannabis, a marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas is part of the state’s early start program and has been delivering to recreational customers since last August. Oasis Cannabis owner Bill Sillitoe finds that marijuana home delivery is crucial for competing with black-market marijuana. Sillitoe said that one of the critical concerns with cannabis courier service is ensuring they knew to whom they were delivering the product. Their couriers only deliver to the address on the ID provided that proved the customer was of age. “Safety is a very big priority for us when it comes to everything that we do,” Sillitoe said in a video from August 2017 on the KTNV website.


Efforts to begin permanent licensing for home deliveries were stalled while regulators established rules and regulations for the transport of cannabis in the state. Per CNN Money in the earliest days of legalized recreational marijuana last year, no one was even licensed to deliver marijuana from the farm to the stores. However, regulators rectified that within the first few weeks, albeit by restricting transport of marijuana to liquor distributors. Many marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas were relieved as the demand for legalized weed exceeded their expectations, and many worried that the shelves would be picked bare before they received more product.



However, recreational marijuana delivery service to private homes remained a vital issue for both dispensaries and customers alike. A year ago, KNTV reported that regulators issued temporary regulations that were in place through December 2017 that allowed the state to issue licenses to cannabis delivery companies to deliver recreational marijuana, but threatened that security concerns might cause them to revoke them. In January, however, the Nevada Department of Taxation voted to make them permanent and allowed marijuana dispensaries to continue to deliver to homes.


So, what are the rules?


  1. Marijuana retail stores with the proper license can deliver to homes (which, for now, were the medical marijuana facilities that were already established in the state before last July).
  2. Cannabis deliveries are only approved to homes where the customers’ ID proves they are 21, and only to the address on the ID used.
  3. The maximum legal amount of recreational marijuana for home delivery is one ounce.


Starting September 7, 2018,  the regular licensing of cannabis dispensaries begins. That means Nevada is opening up the licensing to those retail locations that were not medical marijuana facilities before the legislation was introduced. For marijuana businesses that want to sell marijuana and deliver to customers’ homes via cannabis courier service, the licensing process begins here.


When it comes to Nevada Marijuana Delivery, things are changing for the better. Unlike some places in the U.S. where recreational marijuana delivery is still illegal, you can get cannabis courier service right to your door in Las Vegas. Leaving cannabis customers in the state with a penchant for marijuana delivery crying, “Vegas, baby! Vegas!”