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Most people know that recreational marijuana is legal in California now. However, if you want to buy marijuana in Orange County, did you know you might soon be able to use marijuana delivery service? From Irvine to Newport Beach, Laguna Beach to Anaheim, and everywhere else in Orange County, weed delivery might soon be legal, and it will come right to your door. 


Where Can I Buy Marijuana?


California is the nation’s largest state to legalize recreational marijuana. The LA Times calls California the “country’s largest pot market.” 


However, there are some catches in California’s legislation that allow cities and counties to ban marijuana businesses of any type. That means that consumers need to know the rules, especially if their local county or city government does not allow you to buy marijuana and use weed delivery service within their borders. That said. Per this map from the LA Times, California has 400 retail locations for legal marijuana purchase, 75% of which hold licenses for recreational marijuana (the other 25% only have medical marijuana licenses, ostensibly). 


The OC Register has a database of local cannabis policies. As of August, only one city within Orange County allows retail recreational marijuana locations: Santa Ana. 


Click here to see the map of California’s Pot Shops from the LA Times.


 Who Can Buy Marijuana Legally?


  • If you are 21 or older, you can buy a little over an ounce of weed, eight grams of cannabis concentrate, and have six live plants. 
  • If you are 18- to 20-years-old and have a physician’s recommendation, you can have up to 8 ounces of marijuana and as many as 12 live plants.


Who Can Get Weed Delivered?


Adults with valid ID proving they are 21 or older or people 18 to 20 who have a physician’s recommendation. Delivery services must have a license to deliver in California. For now, your local government at the county or city level must allow marijuana delivery also, as some areas outlawed marijuana businesses of any kind to operate within their borders. Most California cities do not allow retail marijuana stores within their limits. All cities in Orange County fall into this category except Santa Ana. Furthermore, many of these cities that have banned marijuana businesses are considered “very strict,” per the OC Register database and might not allow marijuana delivery. Yet. 


A new state law State Senate Bill 1302 is moving through legislation to make it legal to deliver weed anywhere in California, regardless of whether the county or city banned marijuana delivery within their borders. Furthermore, the Bureau or Cannabis Control, the agency which oversees the legalized recreational marijuana industry in California expects to get these rules into law by the end of the year. Per Mercurynews.com, the proposed law states, “A delivery employee may deliver to any jurisdiction within the state of California.” So, stay tuned to OnlyJane for more information on the passing of the legislation as it becomes available.


For more information on Marijuana Delivery in CA, read this article.


How Does Weed Delivery Work?


Consumers who live in areas where marijuana businesses are legal to have the option to order weed delivery. Just like a pizza, you can place an order to buy marijuana online, and the courier will bring the marijuana right to your door. 


Marijuana fulfillment platforms provide comprehensive marijuana buying platforms. First, you browse what’s available at the marijuana dispensary near you—or at least what’s available at the retail marijuana location that can deliver to you. The platforms have a star-system for the marijuana dispensaries you are choosing from based on their online reputation to help you decide.


Next, you choose your product. Like wine or chocolate, marijuana has many different types. You can buy it dried or in a concentrate, which is when the cannabinoids have been extracted from the plant. You can also purchase Hash, which is when the THC-rich resin is taken from the plant using ice water or compression. Hash also comes in rosin hash form, meaning the THC-resin was extracted with heat. Butane hash oil is when the chemical butane extracts the THC. 


There are other options, too. One is CO2 Oil, which removes cannabinoids from the plant with carbon dioxide and pressure. Tinctures are an alcoholic version of cannabis material. Edibles are popular, too, although new law will regulate their strength to only 10 mg per serving (and if you have ever eaten a little too much space cake by accident you know why!) Topical treatments are growing in popularity also, from creams to salves. However, the topical treatments are used for aches and pains rather than to get high.


Many marijuana delivery platforms show a picture of the product, including a description, and the price for anywhere from 1/8 of an ounce to a full ounce (which is the legal limit of what you can have for recreational use). You simply select the marijuana product you want and put it in your cart. 


Once your cart is full (or your budget spent), you place your order and request delivery. Many platforms send you a confirmation via SMS, your driver’s name, and estimated delivery time. 

OnlyJane Marketplace Map

Figure 1 OnlyJane’s Buyer Platform will let you track your product to your door.


However, if you want to track your purchase, many platforms (like OnlyJane’s due out in December) allow you to watch your order make its way to your house in real time.


Last, you pay the courier, and that’s that. 


Essential Tips for Marijuana Delivery Transactions:


  • Be sure to have your ID ready, as the driver will likely need to check it. 
  • Also, bear in mind that with Feds ruling the banks, you will probably pay your courier in cash when they arrive, as many dispensaries still cannot process credit card or debit card transactions. 
  • Exact change is a good idea because marijuana couriers don’t carry a lot of cash on them to protect themselves from robberies. 
  • Tipping is always appreciated, but not always allowed. Take your cues from your courier here.

You Can Buy Marijuana in Orange County, and Soon It Can Be Delivered, Too


The legalization of recreational marijuana in California means it is legal to buy marijuana in Orange County—as long as you are in a dispensary in Santa Ana. However, with the passing of SB 1302 by the end of this year if not sooner, Orange County marijuana delivery will be legal, too. So, rather than drive from Huntington Beach to Santa Ana to buy marijuana, you can buy weed online and get it delivered. And with marijuana fulfillment platforms like OnlyJane’s buyer platform, you can find, order, and track your weed delivery right to your door. 


Are you a Cannabis user? Get ready for OnlyJane’s Marketplace launching in December. Click here to sign up for early access.