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New legislation in California will ease up some challenges for cannabis delivery companies in the state. State Senate Bill 1302 would allow people who live in areas where marijuana businesses are prohibited to use marijuana delivery companies to get their cannabis products delivered to their home.


Here are 5 things all marijuana courier services must know about marijuana delivery service in California:


  1. Marijuana delivery isn’t legal everywhere in the State—yet. While most Californians support marijuana legalization, there are some parts of the state that want no part of marijuana businesses—including marijuana delivery businesses. In areas where cities or counties have banned marijuana businesses, local authorities have banned marijuana deliveries. The resulting confusion and legal mix-ups were the impetus for the State Senate Bill 1302 that would allow deliveries everywhere, regardless of local law.


  1. The new regulations would allow cannabis delivery to anywhere in California. The OC Register reports that the permanent regulations proposed should be in place by the end of the year. The biggest change would be that marijuana delivery would be legal all over the state, no matter the local legislation that might block cannabis courier service from making deliveries to homes within the restricted area. Per the summary of proposed changes from the Bureau of Cannabis Control in Article 7, “Adds a provision that allows retailers to deliver to any jurisdiction within California.


  1. New forms will be required when submitting operating procedures for delivery procedures.  In Article 2 of the new regulatory changes regarding applications, the new legislation requires specific forms for marijuana delivery among other areas of cannabis business operations. These forms will be available on the California Cannabis Portal once the new regulations are in place. Cannabis courier service applicants should bookmark it now.


  1. Pot Deserts are real and the people who live in them need cannabis courier services. California legalized marijuana for recreational use in January 2018. However, vast pot deserts exist in areas that banned marijuana businesses from operating within certain counties or cities, and that included marijuana delivery. Pot Deserts are areas where local laws prohibit marijuana dispensaries from setting up shop. Per High Times, only 30% of Californians have less than 30 miles to travel to a cannabis retail location, most people who live around Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco. Some people who live in eastern California can live as far as 120 miles from a marijuana dispensary—that’s a long way to go to get pot, medical or recreational. The new legislation would mean that cannabis businesses on the coast can set up systems of delivery to this underserved population that get both medical and recreational pot users their product.


  1. Medical Marijuana users without access to their medication can be a public health issue. For some medical marijuana users, their cannabis medication is their best option for managing their condition.  PotGuide.com Colorado reports that as many as one in 68 children are diagnosed with autism. Parents want to help their children manage their symptoms, and a growing consensus of anecdotal evidence (read: not scientific evidence) suggests that marijuana is an effective and relatively safe drug that does just that. * New scientific studies are underway in Israel to support the stories from parents. However, should these children live in one of the Pot Deserts, then these parents need a marijuana delivery service to help them get the medical marijuana they need for their kids.


*  It is important to note that treating kids with cannabis products should be done under the supervision of a medical professional.



To read all the proposed regulatory changes from the Bureau of Cannabis Control in California, please click here.