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Connecting all the Bridges


A seamless link between the marijuana business and its customers is the quickest road to success for the cannabis industry.  Dispensaries need an affordable marijuana fulfillment management platform, including courier tracking, for managing their growing business.


The cannabis industry is growing like a weed. CNN reports legalized marijuana will deliver $11 billion in 2018 and $21 billion in 2021 to the U.S. economy. Canada, who will formally legalize marijuana on October 17th, is experiencing 1990s-style, dot-com era economic conditions for investors in preparation for it, which the NY Times dubbed “Canada’s new gold rush.”  The Huffington Post predicted late last year that Canada’s legalized cannabis could we worth as much as $22.6 billion.


With the fast growth of the Cannabis industry, automation with a cannabis fulfillment software is vital to help marijuana businesses stay competitive. But are they ready for this boom and do they have the technology to handle it?


Maybe not. Experts estimate that 80% of marijuana collectives are low tech, managing their business with pen and paper. For those that do use a technology system, it is outdated or requires five different tools to operate, which causes problems for marijuana business owners. Also, it can make it less efficient and more expensive to deliver the product to the consumer.


Delivery Challenges Are Not a Unique Problem for the Pot Industry


Inefficiency and expensive deliveries are a common problem in today’s e-commerce environment. Customer expectations for getting what they want quickly are high, due to a standard set by ubiquitous Amazon Prime. Businesses in all categories struggle to remain competitive and relevant with their shipping times while keeping costs to a minimum.


Business Insider reports that customers’ preference for e-commerce channels for their goods and services has increased their demand for speedy fulfillment and free shipping. Businesses are responding by developing new technology to answer this demand. However, last mile delivery, when the goods arrive at the final destination, remains a significant expense, coming in at 53% of the total cost of shipping for businesses. Businesses and delivery companies take on this expense, and therefore, share a priority to incorporate new technology that can increase efficiency and decrease costs for these last-mile-delivery expenses.


Another expense associated with delivery are delivery delays. All companies have delivery delays. Many causes exist for delivery delays, from data input error to website hosting failures to inclement weather.  Perhaps the most formidable, however, is the delivery delay caused by high-demand and poor logistical infrastructure. Having too many orders is a terrific and terrible problem to have. While it is fantastic that you have so many customers that want your product, it is a significant issue when you cannot get it to them efficiently.


Moreover, customers are less forgiving of infrastructure delays. Many people understand when someone made a mistake entering an address or if the weather was terrible. However, when customers learn that late orders and long delivery times are because you were not prepared for demand, it erodes customer trust and loyalty. And it costs you sales when customers move on to someone else.


What Marijuana Businesses Need is Technology to Automate and Scale


Logistics is a puzzle for all businesses, and the marijuana industry is no different. Marijuana deliveries managed by pen and paper or outdated technology are not enough to meet the projected demand for newly legalized markets.


Marijuana collectives should join the rest of business in 2018 with technology to help streamline their business and increase the efficiency of the last mile delivery. A comprehensive marijuana delivery platform would simplify cannabis deliveries, allowing dispensaries to manage, track, and oversee deliveries on every order, preferably with a touch of a finger on a smartphone.


Scaling is also essential for budding marijuana businesses.  A marijuana delivery platform should allow cannabis businesses to present their menus, which the marijuana business owner can customize as needed. Once orders are received, proprietors can assign the courier closest to the customer for fulfillment. Marijuana business owners would also need a summary of the business’ daily performance, all from one marijuana delivery platform.


Per Business Insider, e-commerce businesses began using crowdsourcing resources to help scale deliveries of goods and services. Transportation, hospitality, and food delivery businesses have been decreasing their last-mile costs using digital platforms like Uber, Airbnb, and Postmates. Marijuana businesses are following suit.


Marijuana businesses use courier tracking and marijuana delivery platforms to coordinate deliveries with couriers. However, it’s a two-way system. With OnlyJane, a marijuana fulfillment platform with courier tracking, on-duty couriers can fulfill assigned orders or choose from the “Offer Pool,” whichever suits their needs at the moment. Also, OnlyJane allows On-Duty Couriers can take phone orders, create sales orders on the go, and then fulfill them.


High Growth Means High Times for Marijuana Businesses


Marijuana businesses save time and energy with the right tools. They feel prepared to maintain the growth in the different areas of the cannabis business. A marijuana ecosystem could satisfy all the needs of the marijuana patient and the marijuana retail business owner, i.e., a marijuana fulfillment platform.


The marijuana business is growing fast and has potential billions in revenue. With so much potential market on the line, marijuana businesses have to incorporate technology to manage and scale their activities to meet rising demands. Cannabis businesses also must provide fast and reliable delivery to satisfy the consumer expectations. When they do, the sky’s the limit for their business growth. If marijuana businesses fail to respond with the appropriate cannabis fulfillment software, and they could watch their potential profits go up in smoke.


OnlyJane is a marijuana fulfillment and courier tracking SaaS company that makes it easier for a marijuana business to supervise deliveries and track couriers in real-time. OnlyJane is designed to streamline and automate marijuana businesses’ process, saving them time and energy by providing adequate tools. From Live Assign courier functionality to order management, OnlyJane seeks to allow marijuana businesses to manage their business wherever they are.